Earlier this month there were rumors about the next Scene It? game releasing as a digital download via Xbox Live Arcade. Well, we now have official confirmation, and that rumor turned out to be true. Mark November 30 on your calender, folks. That will be the day you finally get to play the newest Scene It? game. Mega Movies, being developed by Sarbarkan games, will be the first bit of DLC for the game, with more question packs being available at a later date. Scene it? Movie Night: Mega Movies will be available for 800 MSP and will feature questions from hit movies such as The Terminator, Transformers, Meet the Fockers, and more. Some information that was divulged in the trailer, can be found below.

Quick Pitch– Lighting round mode, where you try to name the movie at the top of the screen as quickly as possible. Correct answers give you points, but incorrect answers will cost you points.

DLC – As revealed in the trailer, Scene It? Movie Night will have post-launch downloadable content — meaning “you’ll always have a new experience”. Mega Movies will be the first piece of DLC, and will be based on the “most memorable films of all-time”. And coming soon is Sci-Fi movies, but no date has been announced for that.

“Are you familiar with the Scene It? board games?  The upcoming Mega Movie title spans the biggest blockbusters in cinema history from The Godfather to modern must-sees like The Social Network (and as you’ll see in the trailer, stuff for people like us, like Transformers!)  through 14 different kinds of competitive puzzles. A great game for party play to find out who is truly a movie maven, and who fell asleep in the theatre.”

Scene It? Move Night will be available on Xbox Live Arcade starting November 30th for 800MSP.