Far cry 3 blood dragon

Ubisoft’s open-world FPS Far Cry 3 was one of last year’s biggest hits and left a lot of players craving more. It seems Ubisoft may not be done with the title, as a logo and box art for what is presumably a spin-off game called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was spotted on the NeoGAF forums. Although the box art displays the arcade banner, there is currently no listing for it on the Xbox Marketplace. The game has also been spotted on the Brazilian classification website, where it has an 18+ rating and Xbox 360 is listed as a platform.

A quote from Far Cry 3 Lead Writer Jeffrey Yohalem has also lead to speculation, as he told Joystiq that he is “working on something now that will be surprising, I think, when it’s announced.”

IGN reached out to Ubisoft for comment, but a spokesperson told them “we have no official comment at this time.”

Sources: Joystiq, IGN