Rock Band Blitz

Fans hoping to import disc-based tracks from Rock Band 3 to the newly-announced XBLA title Rock Band Blitz are out of luck. According to a Joystiq report, Harmonix confirms it won’t be possible since they aren’t stored on the hard drive. Tracks able to be stored to the hard drive, however, will be compatible with the game.

The game, announced Tuesday, will hit the Marketplace this summer and serves as a bit of a resurgence of the once-ubiquitous music franchise (previously an annual release, the last entry came out in 2010). The game will feature 25 tracks, including Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” and “Always” by Blink-182. Gameplay will be similar to Rock Band Unplugged or Amplitude; the player uses a controller to rock out, as opposed to plastic instruments. They’ll also control the entire band at once, switching between instruments as the song progresses. Rock Band Blitz is developed by Harmonix and releases this summer.