After months of hearing little from Tequila Works about their upcoming game RiME many wondered when new information would be divulged. The game has been in development for some time with the first information regarding the game releasing in 2013 at E3. Much as changed since then with the game no longer releasing as a Playstation Four exclusive. In fact RiME will be launching in May 2017 across all platforms, including Xbox One.

While much time has passed since the initial reveal of RiME there is still a lot that has stayed the same about the game. RiME is still a single-player puzzle adventure game where players will explore a mysterious island as a young boy after being shipwrecked. The colors and terrain of RiME are inspired by the Mediterranean coast and aide the sense of discovery that Tequila Works aims to create. RiME will be available for pre-order closer to its release in May but until then check out the new reveal trailer for the game while we await new information.