Rime is a pleasant puzzle exploration game. There are few tense moments, but you’ll enjoy the journey. There are various collectibles you must find in the game, as well as a lot of achievements that are based on specific actions within the chapters. While following this guide, you will be told where to get everything, including the chapter specific achievements. This game is easy and you can complete the entire game and all achievements in less than 10 hours. After you complete the game you will be able to use chapter select to go back and finish things you missed on your first playthrough.


Chapter 1: Denial


Lullaby 1/2: Once the level starts and you can move, turn around. Follow the path to the cave and climb up. Continue on the path climbing outside, and stay on the path on your left. You’ll find it on the cliff.


Achievement: Reckless Cannonball

From the above collectible, jump off the cliff while holding B (into the water). This can be done anywhere high up where there is water below.

Emblem 1/5

On the normal route, you’ll go up a steep area, and there will be a stone path. Turn right, and you should see a tunnel. Follow through to the collectible.


Toy 1/3: Fox

Start at the path from above again, but this time look to your left. After the ledge, jump the gap and continue up to the toy.


Achievement: That Went Too Far

In the main area, there is a fox statue with water around it. On the hill, there are boars and fruit bushes. Grab the fruit and throw it off the cliff with X.

Achievement: Happy Family

In the same area as above, take the fruit to the boar that blocks the path. Grab another fruit and bring it to him. Now bring those boars down the hill and to the other boars in that bottom area.

Toy 2/3: Seagull

Starting at the fox statue, go on the left path. Up the hill, you will see a piece of land that you can jump to. Continue until you get to the toy which is above the small waterfall. Use the white stone structures to reach it.


Emblem 2/5

After opening the door from the fox statue, continue on, and you’ll see a waterfall. The water leads down a small stream, and you’ll see that you can jump across and there is a path leading to the emblem.


Emblem 3/5

Once in the next area, you’ll see a painting on the wall of a bridge (next to a puzzle). Look left, and go along that path across a small body of water.


Outfit 1/2

There is an area kind of far out where the man in the red cape appears. This area has a cave with stairs that lead down Follow that route, and you’ll see where you can jump and climb to the costume.


Achievement: Ancient Treasure

From down the stairs of the cave, go to the right. You will eventually get to a fish statue with a bright orb in the mouth. Take the orb and follow the path back to, then past the cave you came out of. You will eventually get to a sentinel. It looks like a ball with legs, and it’s laying there not functioning. Bring the orb close to it and press Y.

Achievement: Lighten Up

There are flames that you will notice to light up dark areas. You can do your yell to make them a bigger flame. Do this as you play the game and you will eventually unlock the achievement. You don’t have to light every one of them up, just enough to unlock the achievement.

flamebefore flameafter

Toy 3/3 Boar

Back in the area with the viewpoint puzzle (where it has you line up the pieces), you should notice a few bushes with fruit. One of these bushes is right next to a thorn patch that you cannot pass. This is next to an archway door. Bring a boar over and throw the fruit to make the path clear. Follow the newly opened route to the toy.

hogtoyentrance hogtoy

Emblem 4/5

In the area with the puzzle to align the gold pieces (with the fox sitting on top), look left from this puzzle. Go past the two trees and down the stairs to find it.


Keyhole 1/1

You will get to a part where there is a puzzle to rotate a viewing piece. You may have noticed there was a lone box you could move, but it didn’t appear to do anything. Go back to before that box area, and you should see where there is a ledge you can shimmy down. It leads behind area with the box. Open the door with your yell and move the box to climb to the new area. Climb the vines and go up the stairs to find the keyhole.


Lullaby 2/2

In the same area as the keyhole, as you go back you’ll see a bridge leading to a circular stone structure with the lullaby in it.


Achievement: Careful Steps

There will be a puzzle where you must activate 3 fish head fountains to raise water. One of the puzzles you have to do requires you to climb fairly high within a structure. As you get higher, you will see nests with eggs in them. Just don’t step on the eggs in the area. There really aren’t many and only one you might step on by mistake (because the others aren’t really in your path).

Achievement: Funeral Flowers

There is a puzzle where you must have 3 fish heads spout water at once. This will raise water levels, and a tree will form leaves. Jump into the water and swim down. There will be an entrance that you can go into and find this hidden area.

Outfit 2/2

You’ll be running across a very long bridge, and there will be a giant entrance with neon lightning around it. Before going through, look to your left, and you will see a path and stairs below. You can just jump to the right if you want to skip the path. There is an outfit hidden through a crack in the wall.

costume2path costume2final

Emblem 5/5

There will be a circular room with faces in front of large cracks that you can destroy. In this room, you can use a rock to start climbing the middle; then you can get to a door that will eventually lead to this emblem. It’s actually fairly far.


Achievement: Jars in the Sand

This achievement is earned by pressing the Y button on your controller when near jars. They will break and will count towards the achievement. You will eventually get it if you continue to break them throughout the game. They appear if you do level select.


Achievement: Dark and Quiet

During the final areas of the game, you will get to what the game calls a labyrinth. It’s a dark area with a bunch of stairs and dead ends. You can easily just turn up the brightness in settings to see where you’re going. Just don’t jump or press the Y button. Run the maze; it’s actually quite easy.

Achievement: Path of Light

After running through the labyrinth and getting the “Dark and Quiet” achievement, you can feel free to jump around. Light up all the statues within the labyrinth. There are 3 in a side room as well. Once they are all lit up, the achievement will unlock.

White Shade 1

There are a total of 4 White Shades in the game. They unlock a special part to the ending of the game. You just have to get close to them. The first shade is in the side room where the labyrinth is.


Achievement: Don’t Say No

Obtained after completing Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Anger


Strange Statue 1

When you start Chapter 2, turn around, and there will be a dust statue that looks different than the others and is off by itself. Run into it to break it. There are a total of 5 throughout the rest of the game, which will get you an achievement.


Achievement: Blend-in with the Surroundings

This achievement can only be obtained after finding the 6th costume in Chapter 4. You have to complete the entire game for stage select. Once you have both completed the game and found the 6th costume, reload Chapter 2 from the beginning. Make sure your outfit is equipped, and just run past the shades that stand on the left and right platforms.


Emblem 1/5

After you get out of the cave area, to the right will be a puzzle with the golden ball. Instead, continue forward through the next door, and you’ll eventually get to the emblem.


Toy 1/2: Windmill

After the first windmill, you will be jumping down from the ledges of it. To the right off by itself is a circular stone structure with the toy inside.


Emblem 2/5

Run to the bridge. There is a ledge you can drop down and work your way to a window that you can climb into. The emblem piece is to the right after going second-floor.

emblemc2bridge emblemc2underbridge

Strange Statue 2

This is behind one of the tunnel entrances, to the right of the first windmill door.


Lullaby 1/2

To the right and far back from the first windmill, you can go down the steps of the tunnel to find the shell.


Toy 2/2: Bird

As you make your way to the next area (right of the bridge, a cavern area), you will get to a candle in the middle with a bunch of non-lit candles. To the right, you can see an area that you can jump down to. Climb through the hole and find the toy in the next room.

toybird toybirdroom

Keyhole 1/2

After the second windmill, you’ll use a box to jump over a mini dam. To the right, go downstairs to find this keyhole.


Lullaby 2/2

After the second windmill, you will swim back to shore. To the left of the entrance to the next area, you’ll see boats on the beach. In front of them, you will see a climbable structure.

lullaby2chp2front lullaby2chp2

Emblem 4/5

After the above collectible, go back towards where you first started this area. Continue around the beach until you find a side entrance which will lead you to the emblem.

emblemc2n4ent emblemc2n4

Keyhole 2/2

After deep diving, you will come to the passage with water and a wrecked boat. Instead of going left up the stairs, go to the boat, and the keyhole is to the side.

keyhole2chp2ent chp2keyhole2

White Shade 2

On your way to the third windmill, you will be attacked from the skies again. To your right, there are ships you can hide under, but get destroyed. You will find the white shade in the 3rd one. If this proves too difficult to get, you can wait until you have completed the third windmill.

updateshade2 whiteshade2

Outfit 1/1

Right after the third windmill, you will jump out of the side part. Facing the windmill, if you look to your right, you will see a broken boat. Go to the boat, and over the edge, you should see a way to climb down. There is broken statue down there. Once down, head the direction the statue’s head is facing. Go into the tunnel and get the outfit. The exit is the window you should have seen as you climbed down.

outfit4 outfit4lower outfit4inside

Emblem 4/5

After the third windmill and the above outfit, you will go to your right following the fox. Before you leave the area, look to the left to see a window you can climb through. Inside is the last emblem of the chapter.

emblem5chp2ent emblem5chp2

Emblem 5/5

As you’re exiting, you’ll see jars you can break to get this easy to find emblem.


Achievement: Wrong Direction

When you roll the ball near the end of the level (to clear a path), the bird will start chasing you. Instead of running away from it, run towards it.

Achievement: Unbearable

Complete chapter 2 in order to unlock this achievement.

Chapter 3: Bargaining


Emblem 1/5

The first emblem can be confusing, but it isn’t too bad when you know what to do. You must enter the doors without the blue flames above them. Door 1 is the bottom middle with the tree roots. Door 2 is the bottom middle without the roots. Door 3 is the top right (above door without roots).

atrickdoor1 atrickdoor2 atrickdoor3 atrickdoor4

Achievement: Patience

Keyhole 1/3

After running straight and turning around, you will eventually get to where there is a statue in a room. Before going into that room, yet again, turn around, and the environment will be different. Now there is a dead end with a keyhole.

keyholechp3uturn keyhole2

Achievement: Without a Trace

You will see statues of ash people. Do not run into any of them until you the achievement unlocks. You will not miss any strange statues.


Achievement: Hold Your Breath

This is, for most people, the hardest achievement in the game. You unlock this for only using one bubble during the under water mazes. There are 3 dives you will take. They are all very close to each other and are one of the first areas in the game. The first one do not use any bubbles. Only use one bubble in the second area, as it’s the longest. The third, although short, can seem quick to lose your air. But you can manage. This may take a few attempts, but you will memorize the path fairly quickly.

Emblem 2/5

After the room with the statue, you will swim to another room. There is another deep diving part, which is the second one you will be doing. Swim down, but then go right through a hole. Then as you look up, you should see shiny crystals. There is a small opening that you can go through to not only get air but an emblem as well.

underwateremblemroute1 underwateremblemroute2 underwatemblemfinish

Lullaby 1/2

During the 3rd dive, you will see an underwater tower. Go down to the second floor area in the middle. You will see the hole in the roof part. Go up and climb to the shell.

underwatershellrunderwatershell2 underwatershell3

Achievement: What Lies in the Deep

When you dive for the 3rd time in Chapter 3, you will find a large underwater structure. There is a statue at the very bottom. To locate it more easily, get to the top. Face the exit where the fox is, and look to your right. The first waterfall you see is the location of the shark (roughly). Just swim to the bottom from there.

Strange Statue 3

After the third dive, you’ll enter a room with waterfalls. To the left, you can spot the statue.


Keyhole 2/3

In the same waterfall room, go to the left side. There is a keyhole behind some jars next to the waterfall.


Strange Statue 4

After a decent amount of traveling, you will have had to go past a lot of shades. Once past the dark areas, you will spot this statue near the wall on your left.


Keyhole 3/3

Soon after, you will get to an area with running water in streams and plant life. After the first stream, look to your right. You can jump on the ledge and follow the thing water drain to the key hole.

chp3key3start chp3keyhole3

Toy 1/1: Sentinel Ornament

A ways later, you will grab an orb from a tree and eventually use it on a lift. As soon as you go up the lift, look to the door where there are places to climb above it. Follow the path over and get the toy. Don’t worry, on the way back there is another way to climb in that room. You do not need the lift.

senttoy1 senttoy2

Emblem 3/5

Once you put the sentinel together, you will venture outside. There is a bridge you cross, but below it to the left is an open door with the emblem inside.

emblem3chapter3Strange Statue 5

After the previous collectible, while outside, the sentinel will break roots that are in the way. When you come to the open area after, look to the stairs on your left. Follow them to the final ash statue.

statue5first statue5

Achievement: Bite the Dust

Unlocked after finding and breaking all 5 strange statues. There are 2 in chapter two, and 3 in chapter three.


White Shade 3

You’ll come back to a room you were at before. It has the turning middle piece that allows you into different doors. There was one door you couldn’t open before because you could not reach it. But now, you can take the elevator up and jump down to it. This is instead of jumping to get the glowing sphere. Once you open the door, continue on the path to the shade.

shade3start shade3end

Achievement: Good Intentions

Once you have the orb from the spiral lift, there will be shades surrounding the sentinel. Go to the tree you originally stole the life force from. Attempt to heal it using the Y button while close. They say achievements don’t grow on trees…

Emblem 4/5

After clearing the shades away from the sentinel, it will break through roots. To the left, there is a water fountain that you can swim in. The entrance under water leads to the emblem.

Chapter3Emblem4p1 chapter3emblem4p2 chapter3emblem4p3

Emblem 5/5

You will get to a point where there are tons of shades blocking you and the sentinel. Pick up the orb and detonate it. All the shades will vanish, and you can get the easy to spot emblem in the side room.

chpater3emblem5 chapter3emblem5p2

Outfit 1/1

This outfit is really tricky. Basically, you will get to a puzzle where you must pull out stairs and climb up wooden planks to allow you to get a box to use for the puzzle. After solving the puzzle, go back to the exact same room by climbing up again. Now the room is different and has the outfit.

chpt3outfit chpt3emb5top

Lullaby 2/2

You will awaken all of the sentinels. One of them had been blocking the shell. Put the box on the middle square and climb up the piece that moved. Now climb above and around to drop on the platform all the sentinels were on.

lulchapter3start lulchapter3end lulchapter3final

Achievement: Lost Lullaby

There is a total of 6 shells you can collect to obtain the lullaby pieces. If you miss any, after the game chapter select shows which ones you need.


Achievement: Ask for a Miracle

This is obtained for completing chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Depression


Achievement: Racing

At the very beginning of the chapter, as soon as you can walk, run to the right and follow the path. You will get to a statue of a man with his face in his hands. This is where the achievement will unlock.

Emblem 1/3

At the start of the level, you will notice a circular drawing (glows when you move). To the left of it, you should see where you can climb up to find the emblem.

aaemblem1 aaemblem12

Emblem 2/3

Once you see the shade cinematic, continue forward and look to your right when you see the sentinel. You should see a gap you can go down. Follow this fairly long path until you climb up and find the emblem.

aaemblem2start aaemblem2mid aaemblem2almost aaemblem2finish

Keyhole 1/2

After a sentinel kicks down a pillar for you to use, you’ll jump a gap and come to an area with lots of steps. Wrap around the right side to find the key hole.


Achievement: From the Sky to the Abyss

During Chapter 4, you will eventually see a sentinel knock down a wall for you. This is after the first key hole. You will come to another knocked down pillar. Across from the pillar is a broken floor, and if you look down the gap, you should see the sentinel and bird on the ground below. Stay to the corner of that ledge and press Y. Can be somewhat tricky to get to unlock.

Shell 3/3

After going through the gold doors that were open, the sentinel will also walk through. When he goes left, keep sticking to the right to find the last shell in the game.

aalastemblem Emblem4bottom

Achievement: It’s a Process

You’ll gain this after collecting all 18 emblem pieces. After completing the game, you will get level select and can roughly figure out what ones you need.

Keyhole 2/2

Once the sentinel sacrifices himself to unlock the door (if the key fits), you’ll be in an area full of shades. You’ll see a statue. Facing it,

aalastkeyp1 aalastkeyp2 keyholeonlevel4number3

Achievement: The Truth

You need to unlock all 8 key holes. After you complete the game, you can see which levels they are missing. Once you look into them, they vanish from the game.


Toy 1/1: Boat

The area with all the shades has beams of light. They are mini puzzles to complete the statue puzzle. One of these beams will have pillars you must climb. There is a pillar you can use to jump to an otherwise unreachable platform. This is the last toy you need to collect.

aalasttoyjump aalasttoy

Achievement: Toyful Child

Collect all 6 toys for the achievement to unlock. After you complete the game, chapter select will show you which ones you are missing.


Outfit 1/1

The last outfit is where the puzzle statue is. After completing the puzzles, you will see a scene where the character turns into an ash statue. Afterwards, turn around and look up. You will see the blue glowing beam again. Go back up and activate it. Now, the last outfit will appear where the statue originally was. This outfit is used in Chapter 2 at the start in order to sneak past the shades.

aalastcostumephase1 aalastoufityell aaoutfitfinal

Achievement: Full Wardrobe

There are a total of 6 outfits to collect. The final one is on Chapter 4. After completing the game, you can see which ones you have missed in chapter select.

White Shade 4

The final shade is near the end of Chapter 4. After you have turned in the statue of ash, and broke out, you can continue forward. There are shades in groups on your left and right. You can squeeze past the group on the left to find the final white shade in a room. In order to unlock the achievement for finding all white shades, you must watch the ending in Chapter 5.

aaafinalshades aafinalshade2

Achievement: No Hope

This is obtained for completing chapter 4.

Chapter 5: Acceptance


Achievement: Sweet Memory

After you have found all 4 of the White Shades, you must play out Chapter 5 to see somewhat of a special ending. What appears to be your mother will appear as a ghost and join in on the final hug. The achievement will unlock after this scene. There are 2 in chapter two, 1 in chapter three, and 1 in chapter 4. They vanish when you find them, but the game does not show you any status on their collection.


Achievement: To Let Go

This is obtained by completing chapter 5, which is the last chapter in the game.