The Pinball Arcade

The Pinball Arcade on XBLA has received the yo-yo treatment as of late after it was delisted from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace last week. While the game probably won’t be coming back any time soon, there is a little bit of news at least. Developer Farsight studios could not release new DLC tables after their publishers went bankrupt last year, but the studio told longtime XBLAfans tipster @lifeflower via twitter that they plan on returning to Xbox.

“Unfortunately the licenses are still tied up with the publisher. There was some good new about a month ago, Crave has filed a ‘reorganization plan’ to the courts so hopefully we will be back and running soon,” Farsight studios said in the email. A return isn’t for certain; that will depend on what happens with the publisher. No return date for Pinball Arcade has been announced yet.