RER2 Natalia

Capcom has announced, “In an effort to fine-tune the final product, we’ve moved the release of the first episode back just one week to February 24.”  Resident Evil Revelations 2 was originally set to release on February 17 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Players will have to wait a tiny bit longer to dig into the next title of the Resident Evil franchise.

Pricing has not changed and is still slated for $5.99 for an episode separately or $24.99 for a complete season that comes with all four main episodes, two extra episodes and Hunk as a playable Raid mode character. The price for the season pass has yet to be revealed as of this time.

Capcom Unity mentions that each episode contains a Claire/Moira scenario, a Barry/Natalia scenario and Raid Mode content from that episode.

Wesker would probably say “Poor performance indeed.” For the rest of us, one week shouldn’t be so bad.

RER2 new release date

Source: Capcom Unity