Over the last couple weeks, we’ve learned that perennial WWE game developer Yuke’s Co. Ltd’s new movie tie-in Real Steel will release in October for the price of 800 MSP. Today, an article translated for us by the ever-helpful @lifelower provides a first look at a lot of the mechanisms of this interesting robot fighting game. While the trailer posted last week showed off a lot of the gameplay, the information released today fills in a lot of details about exactly how robots box. See after the break to get all of the juicy details.

We now know that in order to end the battle you’ll either have to destroy your opponents head or relieve them of both of their arms. Limbs will accumulate damage over time, but you’ll have a chance to repair them as the battle goes on. It also sounds like the game will mostly involve punching, countering, and special moves, as the article revealed there would be no kicking or throwing.

One of the biggest draws of this game looks to be the heavy customization options. You’ll be able to choose different heads, bodies, arms, fists, legs, and cores, each of which will affect your balance, speed, or power. You won’t be able to build an all-powerful robot, but this will give you the option of building a character that plays to your strengths. You’ll also be able to customize a lot about the way that your robot looks, so don’t worry about running into your long-lost twin online. Speaking of online, it sounds like the game will be one or two players local, or two players online.

The article reveals a little about the story as well – you’ll be fighting your way to the top to defeat a robot named “Zeus,” although getting the prize money on your way up the ladder helps progress things too. If you’re having trouble beating down on all of robot kind, Yuke’s has already announced that they will be releasing additional parts both individually and in sets. The tentative price mentioned is 160yen ($2), although we aren’t sure exactly how this will translate to MSP or whether this is for the set or individual pieces.

We’re looking forward to bashing the heads off of our friends’ robot avatars come October. Thanks again to @lifelower, who has provided us with most of the information we have about this game. Keep an eye out here for more information as the release date gets closer, and head over to the Real Steel site to take a look at some of what’s been released so far.

Source: Dengeki.com (in Japanese)