To tell you the truth, we haven’t heard anything about Quarrel until today when @lifelower tipped us a screenshot with the game description. Quarrel is an iPhone/iPad game coming to XBLA where Game Informer describes it as “Scrabble meets Risk“, which sounds like a curious combination.

You play on a map that’s evenly divided by sections and must overtake similar to Risk however, victory is determined by a word battle with the best scoring word as the winner. They can only use the number of soldiers to represent how many letters they have so you’ll have to utilize your cohorts wisely to get the best scoring words. While it was announced for Fall of this year, the developer Denki announced on their blog that the XBLA version of Quarrel will hit sometime next year with online multiplayer for up to 4 friends. We’ll keep the word out for any new information when Quarrel hits sometime next year.