You may have already heard, multi-award winning puzzle/platformer FEZ launched on Xbox Live Arcade earlier today. To celebrate the release – and the culmination of a troubled five year development period – developer Polytron has made public the above trailer. It doesn’t show anything particularly new but hey, FEZ looks pretty and sounds darling.

Polytron’s 2D (sort of) platformer has been showered with praise over the past few days. It’s currently sitting pretty with a Metacritic score of 90. If you’re swayed by that kind of thing, you’d have to go back to the year 2010 before you found another XBLA title that hit the 90-mark. The game? Namco Bandai’s superb PacMan CE DX. We published our FEZ review earlier today and joined the chorus of critics waxing lyrical over the XBLA exclusive.

“In an industry full of foreseeable outcomes and predictable solutions, Fez manages to stand out as a rare gem packed full of imagination and surprise”, said Andrew Crews. “Games like this are few and far between and should be cherished.”

FEZ is available now for 800 MSP.