Poker Night was developed by PouncingKitten Games and release January 9, 2011 and costs 80MSP. A copy was provided by the developer for review purposes.

The recent release of Microsoft’s Full House Poker has allowed people to finally play Texas Hold’em on their Xbox. However, the game faces competition from the indie game Poker Night, allowing players to play not only one but thirty types of poker. Although not as sleek as Full House Poker, the game does offer some quality poker fun.

Here’s what we liked:

Numerous options – This game features over 30 flavors of poker, from Texas hold-em to seven card stud. Each game plays well and follows the same rules you’d expect them to, which is great for those who know one or many forms of the game. There are also options to alter all monetary values, from starting amounts to raises, even the option to chose which type of currency to use. The number of AI opponents can also be chosen, ranging from one to six.

Online play – Like any poker game, playing is best with real people. The game supports online play for up to seven players, which the best way to play a round of poker in this game.

Here’s what we didn’t like:

Screen layout – The playing screen feels a bit cluttered and disorganized. The cards and cash for every player is on the left side of the screen, while the pot and table cards are on the bottom right. These displays can be a bit small; the game would benefit if the player’s cards stood out from the rest. The display looks awkward when overlain on the huge image of an avatar’s face at a card table, and some colors make it hard to read texts.

Predictable AI – The AI in the game is too predictable. Most times when you raise, the other players will fold. It can usually be guessed how good the computer players’ hands are by whether they call or raise. There are times where AI variation can be seen, but the game is much better when played online with real people.

Poker Night has a lot going for it; there is a lot of variety and possibility in this game. The poker games are fast-paced and very playable, but are much more enjoyable when playing online. The display and lack of background music can be awkward and can take away from the game. Still, this game is great for any poker enthusiast.

Score: Try it