With the unfortunate delay of Monaco for Xbox Live Arcade, we’ve all been waiting for whatever update we can find on when we’ll be able to play it. That day seems to be coming sooner rather than later, as Pocketwatch Games updated their Facebook today saying they’ve submitted a new build of the game to Microsoft.  They couldn’t give a firm release date, but this can only mean good things.

The founder of Pocketwatch Games, Andy Schatz, spoke to Edge Online about the reaction to the delay, and how lucky they are to have the fans they do. “We might have just gotten lucky with Monaco, but I think that our fans have really had our backs, and are dealing with things in a very mature, individual way, rather than any sort of mob mentality,” Schatz said. “I really like that. I don’t know how we got so lucky to have such good fans. I want to cultivate a community of people that act like adults.”

Source: Edge Online via Polygon