With a licensed game it would be easy to slap a different render on the same character build and just pretend that makes them unique, especially with a property as large as South Park. Thankfully if that temptation ever crossed Other Ocean Interactive’s collective mind, they ran from it. Not only will each character have unique abilities, but they verbally interact in the game just as fans would expect from the show. Cartman will scream at Kenny and Kyle constantly with the foulest mouth of any fourth grader in existence. But beyond that, Other Ocean found a way to make every character essential. To collect everything, each character’s abilities will need to be exploited. Oh, and their alter egos. Periodically throughout the game the kids can transform into their respective superheroes differentiating them even further and we have the breakdown for you below.

Stan has a ranged attack and can throw a football at enemies. It’s incredibly useful throughout the game, but there are some instances that just downright need it. He becomes Toolshed with the ability to drill through some floors.

Kyle, as Cartman will frequently and readily point out, is a ginger. By unveiling his hair he can freeze some enemies and walk through some walls. It’s a pretty awesome trick. His alter ego is The Human Kite and he can float along from ledge to ledge.

Kenny dies constantly in the show, but hopefully that won’t be the case in the game. He can charge up his jump to reach new heights. It is incredible fun to grief friends by jumping to routes they can’t access. His superhero alter ego is none other than Mysterion, who cannot die. Once he’s killed he walks around invincible in a ghost-like form.

Cartman will not shut up. Ever. He’s the loudest character and quite often one of the funniest in the game. His belly attack will utilize that extra flab of his as a weapon knocking back enemies. He’s the Coon. And this raconteur of a raccoon climbs walls like a pro.