Marvel gets their first shot at a pinball videogame franchise, and ZEN Studios gets their first shot at licensed content for Pinball FX 2. What could go wrong? Well, not much, seeing as how they’ve got: Spiderman, Iron Man, Wolverine and everyone’s favorite day-walker… BLADE! That’s right, Blade. Sounding like some crazy comic book team up, this pack looks quite great.  More details after the jump!

Well let’s get down to the nitty gritty, Marvel Pinball is amazing. We know this based on the fact that Blade is actually included, unlike other times where he is included but cast off to the side, or simply wrote off altogether. This happens so often that I almost forget that he is a Marvel character at all. And as a character with such an interesting background, personality and all that ass-kickery following him you’d think he would be included more. Oh well, maybe this is a start for him and Wesley.

Next up we have fan favorite Spiderman, the classic web crawler himself. His table seems mostly centered on defeating Doc Ock, as he is featured primarily in the top of the table, with other characters such as Green Goblin and Mysterio off to the sides. The table stays true to Spiderman, even including the classic web shooter instead of his new “organic” style.

Thirdly we have the more famous than ever, Invincible Iron Man. This table features plenty of gadgets and gizmos all over the place, two villains off to each side (Iron Monger and Whiplash? Hard to tell.) An arc reactor embedded in the middle, and lastly Tony Starks at the top who using his Extremis virus can transform once certain requirements are met, and creates a dazzling light show.

Last but not least we have Wolverine, with the craziest table to boot. You’ve got a wild Wolverine on the side, a single Sentinel, Sabretooth, the mysterious Silver Samurai, and images of his “children” below, X-23 and Daken. Each area is themed appropriately, with a Japanese theme near Silver Samurai, Weapon X Chamber near X-23 and Daken, and the Sentinel near the outside of the level, almost like it was breaking in. This level has the most going on in it, which is not a bad thing and at all and works most of Wolverine’s canon history into one pinball table.

Feeling ready to try your hat at being the Pinball Wizard yet? Just go onto Xbox Live, download Pinball FX 2, it’s free. And buy any of the packs you want, including this Marvel pack for only $10 (800msp)! Not a bad deal at all, coming out to be  $2.50 a table. And this isn’t the last you’ve heard from Marvel Pinball, oh no, you can vote here on which heroes will be getting this treatment next. My choice? Ghost Rider. But hey, you may have a difference of opinion and that is alright with us. Let us know in the comments who you voted for, why and what table you like the best from this pack! Oh, and the most exciting pinball trailer ever is below.