We’ve all been there. You’re grinding through that game, losing track of time, and the dreaded low-battery notification pops up. You quickly pause and scramble for your USB cable, and then you’re limited to being within a certain range of the console for possibly the rest of your evening. Those days may soon be over due to a new product that provides you a fully charged wireless controller in only 60 seconds. That’s the pitch from Performance Designed Products LLC (PDP), a third-party gaming peripheral company based in of Burbank, California. 

Super Charger from Performance Designed Products. (PRNewsFoto/Performance Designed Products)

Announced earlier this month at CES in Las Vegas, the PDP Super Charger for Xbox One is a power pack that promises to be fully charged in less than a minute, and its charge longevity is comparable with others in the industry at eight to 12 hours of usage. PDP has not explained how the Super Charger works or if it will be vulnerable to typical issues of rechargeable batteries, such as the battery not holding as much of of a full charge over time with repeated usage. With such a quick recharge rate, though, this product could be a breakthrough in consumer tech and may be applicable to other products down the road.

PDP wants to have the Super Charger out by the end of 2016 but at this time there is no release window or pricing to provide.