YUKE’S Co. has announced Pacific Rim The Video Game, the aptly titled tie-in to the Warner Brothers’ and Legendary Pictures’ upcoming summer blockbuster about giant robots fighting giant monsters because, why not. Like the film, Pacific Rim The Video Game will release next week, July 12th, and continuing this trend of similarities, will feature giant man-made robots fighting the behemoths from the deep.

YUKE’S Co. is best known around these parts for developing/publishing 2011’s Real Steel, cementing itself as the go-to place for all your robot-fighting-videogame-tie-in needs. Pacific Rim The Video Game will feature the same character models that appear in the film, and incorporate unique fighting styles for each Jaeger (robot) and Kaiju (monster), requiring you to alter your tactics depending on the bout. Fights takes place in a variety of locales, from coastal waters to the inner city, and incorporate destructible environments.

Players can expect to customize their characters with earned experience, with more options coming down the road by way of downloadable content. Online multiplayer is also available to pit your giant robot and/or monster against another player over Xbox Live. The full Pacific Rim The Video Game experience is slated to run you 800 MSP.