A new month is almost upon us, which can only mean it’s time to find out what’s coming up for Games with Gold. Xbox One owners will get to Volgarr the Viking, which launched today on the console. The game harkens back to the days when games would challenge the player, complete with retro presentation and a limited amount of buttons. As the titular Viking it’s kill or be killed as you face off against hoards of monsters and spill tons of blood.

Starting November 1, Xbox 360 players can download Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. Grow a beautiful garden to attract exotic animals, raise the piñatas as your own, then send them off to get slaughtered for the amusement of children. Yay! For those looking to fill a desire for destruction, Red Faction: Guerilla will be free from November 16-30. Explore the open world of Mars, saving citizens from the corrupt Earth Defense Force by crumbling buildings and swinging sledgehammers.

Source: Xbox Wire