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Sega currently has “no plan” to release Virtual-On or Virtua Striker, the second two entries in its XBLA and PSN retro arcade revival series known as Model2 Collection, in North America (NA) or Europe (EU), a recent tweet reveals. The revelation came just one day after Sega revealed that the duo would release on February 13 for 800 MSP each, without initially explaining if that date applied to all territories or only to Japan.

Sega also neglected to make any mention of North American or European releases when the first Model2 games (Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters) last year, but the publisher eventually made public its plans to release them in late November in NA and early December in EU.

That trio went on sale on XBLA for 400 MSP each, meaning the 800 MSP price point announced for Virtua Striker and Virtual-On is twice as much as their predecessors cost. Interestingly, the premiere Model2 XBLA releases were once planned to release at 800 MSP per game themselves, but Sega lowered the price following a bit of a fan backlash.

Source: Sega

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