Publisher NinjaBee games released a bundle of games that won’t sting your wallet. 1600 Microsoft points will get you a bundle of games released by the Utah-based indie studio on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The games include A World of Kefling, Band of Bugs, Ancients of Ooga, Cloning Clyde and Outposts of Kaloki X.

NinjaBee is an independent game studio based in Utah and all five of the titles here definitely have their quirks. A World of Keflings is a city building game that puts you in charge of building a tiny kingdom, Band of Bugs puts you in the middle of an insect war, Ancients of Ooga is a puzzle game that puts you in the role of a shaman, Cloning Clyde is a platformer that turns you into different animals, and Outpost Kaloki X is a resource management game in space.

Source: Xbox Live Marketplace