• The parody of a parody of everything you love about ’80s and ’90s culture, Retro City Rampage, has shaved a few dollars off its Xbox Live Arcade price tag for a limited time. The usual price of $14.99 was reduced by a third to the oddly exact $10.04, before being further reduced to the current offering of $9.99.
  • A retail version of the recent DuckTales Remastered should hit store shelves on November 12, reports CVG. It will be identical to the digital offering currently available on the Xbox Live Game Store – so if you’re a fan of DuckTales, cellophane and $19.99 price points, consider this your lucky day.
  • When you boot up your Xbox One with its new-console smell this holiday season, you can thank the Xbox 360 dashboard design for the swanky new interface you’ll be gazing upon. GamesRadar caught up with Albert Panello at this month’s Tokyo Game Show, where Microsoft’s Sr. Director of Product Management and Planning confirmed that the company drew inspiration from Windows 8 and Windows Phone’s user-friendly design, rather than reiterating on the admittedly cluttered Xbox dashboard.
  • The upcoming Xbox One exclusive launch title Killer Instinct will stray from the original combat styles, said producer Torin Rettig in an interview with Polygon. Part of the task of modernizing the franchise is to bring distinct and separate styles to the table, so players have a variety of tools to rely on. “Most of the characters in the original game, while they had unique moves, tended to play in a rush-down gameplay style,” Rettig said. “We wanted to make each character a little bit more distinct.”
  • Ubisoft’s digital gaming service Uplay will be making the jump to the next generation of consoles, according to CVG. The service provides social features and rewards for playing Ubisoft games, and despite security concerns on the current PC version of the service, should offer you a good way to snag in-game and digital goods for playing the publishers’ next-gen titles.