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These days, zombies are ubiquitous in video games. They’re the all-purpose enemy (and genre) that just won’t die – you’ll find them all over the place in shooters, adventure games, strategy titles, the works. Only a handful, however, have tackled the zombie apocalypse in open-world format. Undead Labs‘ upcoming State of Decay aims to diversify the portfolio of flesh-craving corpses by doing just that.

The open-world adventure offers all kinds of ways to defend yourself and your group of survivors from the walking dead – and plenty of ways to avoid confrontation altogether. Take this footage posted over at PlayXBLA, which comes from an alpha build of the game, for example. In the video, the player must make their way into a gun shop for supplies, only to find it surrounded with zombies – so they use some homemade firecrackers to lure them away and sneak in and out unnoticed. (Zombies love firecrackers, you guys. It shows off their festive side).

State of Decay is currently under development for XBLA and PC. A release window or pricing details are currently unknown.