Dancing Dots has released new screenshots of it’s upcoming action-puzzle game Rotastic showcasing the game’s multiplayer. The game’s Deathmatch Mode pits you against three friends as you attempt to swing around and slice the ropes of your opponents sending them falling to their digital death. Read on for details on the other multiplayer modes and five new screenshots of the frantic multiplayer action!

The second of Rotastic‘s three multiplayer modes is called “Collect”. This is essentially a race to gather jewels scattered throughout the level, without dying. Finally, Rotastic‘s third multiplayer mode is known as “Points”. In Points mode, players will still be collecting gems, but will also be pulling off stunts and acrobatics for points while also trying to cut their competitors down to size by slicing their rope. Rotastic’s multiplayer is exclusively local with the action taking place on one screen. Rotastic‘s multiplayer is all about putting you and your friends in the same room, on the same screen and duking it out for superiority.

Take a look at Rotastic‘s multiplayer for yourself in the screenshots below. Rotastic will be slicing it’s way onto XBLA on September 21st, selling for 800 Microsoft Points. Stay tuned to XBLAFans for more colorful coverage of the game including our own review in the near future.