TellTale Games has released the second episode of “Playing Dead”, the web series that takes a look at the development of the upcoming game based on Robert Kirkman’s wildly popular comic book and television series, The Walking Dead. This episode focuses on the game’s story which TellTale states will actually be the driving force of this episodic release. The feature also details empowering the player with choice, which fans of the series will certainly be excited to hear. Some of the decisions characters have to make in The Walking Dead source material are certainly not to be taken lightly. Facing these types of decisions as players of the game will certainly be entertaining, brutal and down right cringe worthy. It’s also worth noting that throughout the video, you’ll be treated to new screenshots from the game, which is due to release this spring. If you missed the first episode of Playing Dead, or if you’re seeking more information on the game, simply click here.

Source: GameTrailers