Xbox Live Arcade could have a new release in the classic Frogger series coming its way. A listing for Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition surfaced on the Australian Classification Board today. The game received a G rating (no surprise there) from the board and is under development at Zombie Studios, and is to be published by Konami.

The listing only goes so far as to identify Frogger as “multiplatform,” but a separate blog post by game developer Daniel Lee seemingly lets the tadpole out of the bag, so to speak. It seems that Lee is hard at work on a iOS “port from console versions” of, you guessed it, a Frogger title. He reveals the project in question to be under development at Zombie Studios and on its way to Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Lee even went so far as to release a few screens, which can be seen below.

He has apparently been cranking away on the mobile port for the past three months and was “not even sure” if he was allowed to talk about it yet. Furthermore, it’s clear from the images that the project is doing some liberal borrowing from other Konami properties. Several of the stages are obviously inspired by series such as Contra and Dance Dance Revolution.

(Thanks, Sacra!)

Sources: Australian Classification Board and Bambamyi