That’s right, the first (heavily rumored) DLC of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is being released. Readers may remember when the game launched that some people (Hackers, and developers) were able to access this and more characters (Yoko, and Julius) than the vanilla game. And while there is a small chance that there characters may never come out (by that I mean like, minuscule small. But anyways, this is the “Beauty, Desire Situation Dire” pack, containing just this one (albeit awesome) psychadelic pyramid map, and the femme-fatale boss Ashtarte. It retails for 400 points, and the character pack should be out soon. And personally, if they are going to price them all like this, I may just wait for a deal of the week. But for the hardcore Castlevania fans this may be a must have.