The latest comic-turn-videogame has just released a new trailer, giving gamers another glimpse into the 2D combat and animations of upcoming XBLA title, Blade Kitten. Published by Atari and developed by Krome (makers of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and The Legend of Spyro), Blade Kitten is a sci-fi action adventure based on the comic franchise of the same. The game is scheduled for release later this month and combines mostly 2D action sequences with anime-style cutscenes.

The main character, Kit Ballard, is a sexy bounty hunter with pink cat ears and a pink tail, which begs the question: who is the target demographic for this game? The old school game style is not likely to appeal to the same group of people that are interested in Kit’s spunky disposition.

The new trailer (below) shows off not just some more action sequences, but some of the storyline behind Blade Kitten. The trailer features a rivalry between Kit Ballard and Justice Kreel—also sexy, but not a cat. We still can’t tell how (or if) Kit’s adorable sidekick Skiffy is incorporated into the gameplay.

To learn more about Blade Kitten, check out Krome’s website or feast your eyes on the gallery of screenshots and concept art below.