Good news for movie fans today. The Xbox 360 Netflix App received an update, bringing with it some much needed improvements and hot new features including the long awaited Kinect voice and gesture support:

  • Skip Forward/Skip Back allows you to move through movies quickly and between TV episodes easily. And with Kinect, just use your voice or the wave of your hand to activate this function.
  • Zoom function lets you enlarge letterboxed video content to full screen.
  • Better color contrast makes content more vivid and black levels darker.
  • Single sign on with cloud profile makes it easier to access your Netflix account on another Xbox, wherever you are.

In addition, gamers in Canada, Latin America and the UK and Ireland will be able to share their viewing data and ratings scores with their friends on Facebook with some new social features. Subscribers in the US however may need to wait a while for Facebook integration as Netflix haven’t introduced this feature to the US yet because of the Video Privacy Protection Act, a law that prevents video rental services from disclosing user viewing habits without written consent.

Sources: Major Nelson, The Verge