While Xbox One missed the original release of N++, we’ll soon be getting its definitive version with loads more content. N++ Ultimate Edition doubles the size of a game that was already bigger and better than the first. Using momentum-based parkour, the goal of every level is to collect gold and escape before time runs out. There’s an endless array of hazards and robots programmed to wipe you out, so any ninja not nimble enough will end up a bloody pile of pieces. The game features an intense single-player mode, challenging couch co-op and a competitive race mode which altogether have a whopping 4340 handmade levels, The hardcore mode is only for the truest of ninjas, reworking the single-player mode to put your skills to the ultimate test. N++ Ultimate Edition is coming this summer.

If you’ve yet to play the series’ previous title, N+, we highly recommend it. Beyond being an early XBLA classic, it also ranks highly in our list of the best backwards compatible XBLA games.