Ms. Splosion Man is Twisted Pixel’s follow-up to their 2009 Summer of Arcade title, Splosion Man. Just like Ms. Pac-Man is to the original title, Ms. Splosion Man aims to improve on the original while staying true to what made it a hit the first time around. This means that you should be sploding your way through well-constructed levels, laughing at ridiculous FMVs, and scratching your head trying to figure out what the trick is on that most recent level.

In addition to what you know and love, Ms. Splosion Man adds ghosts into the mix. This will allow players to compete against their best times on any given level or download the ghosts of other players to see where precious seconds can be saved on a run through a level. Twisted Pixel’s Sean Riley says that “watching the ghosts of all the top players lets you see exactly where and how they shave crucial seconds from their times” and they are “a great learning tool and a chance to get in with the best.”

Ms. Splostion Man Ghost