The next game by Mojang and Oxeye Game Studio, Colbalt, has been postponed until February 2016 due to bugs.

“Unfortunately, despite what that trailer says, we’re not going to hit our planned release date of October 30th,” Mojang wrote on its website. “We want every part of Cobalt – the campaign, challenges, and local and online multiplayer to live up to your expectations.”

Though the game has been reported complete the studio ran into unexpected technical difficulties requiring more development time to guarantee Colbalt will be ready for the Xbox One and 360 versions.

“In honesty, we don’t need four months to fix the outstanding issues, but releasing a game on console is an especially complicated business.” Said Mojang and Oxeye Games. “There are release windows, and certification things, and all kinds of boxes that need to be ticked before games can be released into the wild.”

Source: Mojang