Konami has announced a new baseball-inspired game coming to XBLA in three parts. The games will feature all 30 Major League Baseball clubs in their official home and road jerseys, and will have the ballpark for each team. As you may have guessed, the players aren’t players: they are huge, wobbly bobblehead toys. The game is meant to be humorous, through the constant bobbling of heads and stadium P.A.

MLB Bobblehead Pros will be the first game, and will be available soon. Players will be able to make their own team and play through a full 162 game season, using their best baseball strategy in order to win. The next installment will be MLB Bobblehead Stars, which will act as DLC when released in July, around the MLB All-Star Game. Finally, MLB Bobblehead Battle will feature batting battles and will be out later this year.  This sounds like a great lineup to go along with the baseball season. The first installment will be out soon, so keep an eye out for more information.