Minecraft: Story Mode: Episode 5: Order Up will release on March 29, Telltale Games has announced. What’s more, Order Up is set to “bridge the gap” between the season’s previous four episodes and three newly announced outings that will arrive throughout the remainder of 2016.

The revelation that there will be three additional episodes makes sense considering that Telltale had previously billed Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place as the end of the Witherstorm story arc, but not the final episode. The studio had also previously referred to A Block and a Hard Place as the episode that would “turn the page on one chapter before adventures begin anew” in Order Up.

Minecraft Story Mode Order Up

Telltale now says that the coming episodes will feature protagonist Jesse and his group of followers exploring “new and unfamiliar worlds beyond their own.” Players will see the first of these new worlds in Order Up, when an ambush at an abandoned temple results in the group ending up in someplace called Sky City.

New characters are also set to make their Minecraft: Story Mode debut, as Sean Astin (The Lord of the RingsPee-wee’s Big Holiday), Jim Meskimen (Parks and Recreation) and Melissa Hutchison (Telltale’s The Walking Dead