Saturday night, Xbox Live Gold subscribers the world over will have the opportunity to view the world premiere of Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, a documentary detailing the creation of one of the most popular games of the last few years. The film follows Minecraft creator Markus Persson after he rose to fame last year and examines what goes into building a video game company.

Gold subscribers in the US, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, France, Finland and Sweden can view the film free of charge on Saturday; it airs 8 p.m. EST in the US and 8 p.m. CET in Europe, according to Joystiq. The documentary was a Kickstarter baby, with production company 2 Player Productions raising $210,000 in crowdfunded cash in Mardh 2011 (a good deal more than the requested $150,000). 2 Player has previously created films for Double Fine Productions and a chiptune documentary.

The trailer for the film, as well as local listings, can be found under the Minecraft tile on the Xbox dashboard (though we’ve also included the trailer above because we like you guys that much).