Microsoft’s virtual reality headset project is said to be in progress. The short report in The Wall Street Journal this week was overshadowed by the recent Sony announcement of Morpheus (The PS4 VR headset) at GDC. The unveiling of Sony’s hardware will certainly spark a response from Microsoft, unfortunately there is not yet a timeline for the project. The Journal’s Ian Sherr writes, “The software company has been developing the technology concurrently with a project known as ‘Fortaleza,’ or ‘fortress’ in Portuguese.” At least one patent has been filed by Microsoft for “multiplayer gaming with head-mounted display.”

The Occulus has been operating in a space outside of console games for quite some time now, so the idea that it is finally making its way into the mainstream gaming market is exciting. The possibilities are incredible, and developers will now have an entirely new format to experiment with. Whether or not the future will hold great things for Xbox’s Kinect in conjunction with their “Fortaleza” project, only time will tell.

Sources: Wall Street Journal via IGN