This week’s Xbox Live Deal of the Week features five different games. Among the most intriguing is Keen Games’  TNT Racers, offering Xbox Live Gold members an enjoyable racing game at a low price. The game was originally released nearly two years ago, and touts a solo campaign, as well as offline and online multiplayer mode. Players will also have the chance to choose from time trials, demolition derbies, and traditional races. With 18 tracks to choose and over a dozen power-ups ranging from a giant hammer to speed bursts, TNT Racers will provide quite a few hours of fun. Normally priced at 800 MSP, this week it will be available for 400 MSP.

In addition to TNT Racers, Microsoft is also discounting the following games:

  • Faery: Legends of Avalon – Originally 1200 MSP, now 600 MSP
  • Crazy Machines Elements – Originally 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
  • Dead Block – Originally 800 MSP, now 400 MSP (DLC: Dead Block Map Pack from 240 MSP to 120MSP)
  • Skydrift – Originally 1200 MSP, now 600 MSP (DLC : Gladiator Pack from 400 MSP to 200 MSP and Extreme Fighters from 160MSP to 80MSP)

As always, these deals are for Xbox Live Gold members, and will run from August 21-27.