Microsoft and Toylogic have announced that they will be bringing the all new multiplayer action game, Happy Wars to Xbox Live Arcade in 2012. Featuring 15 on 15 multiplayer battles over Xbox Live, Happy Wars promises three distinct playable classes for players to choose from. The Mage will hit you from afar with magical attacks, the Warrior specializes in beating opponents into a pulp up close in melee combat, and finally the Cleric will play a supporting role. Playing as a team and utilizing the strengths of each class will be vital to succeeding in Happy Wars!

While Happy Wars is being billed as a “casual action game” that will certainly be easy to pick up and play, it also promises depth. Each class will have twenty seven abilities at their disposal including devastating team attacks that become possible when several teammates combine their efforts. In addition players will be able to customize their character’s look to fit their own personal style. The game’s battlefields also play an important role as the maps themselves feature gimmicks that will tie into the battles fought on them. Get your first look at the Happy Wars in action in the trailer above and expect to see the game debut on Xbox Live Arcade next year.

Source: Toylogic