Mega Man Universe is the new Mega Man game from Capcom that involves a customizable experience with the various Mega Man games. The latest gameplay demo at TGS focused upon the classic Mega Man 2 game and various characters from Capcom’s library of games. The three difficulty options offered in the demo: easy, medium, and hard. Now, to some of the more adept gamers and hardcore Mega Man fans, you may immediately jump into hard or at the least medium. Think again.

Video footage of even the easy stages has shown a jump in difficulty that may be nigh impossible for any gamer without a veritable treasure trove of experience and natural skill. The new videos have highlighted the customizable characters and selections previously announced by Capcom. With famous characters like Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins, Ryu from Street Fighter, Bad Box Art Mega Man, and Rock Man, this game looks to have one heck of a solid foundation to build from.

Unfortunately, at this time Capcom has not announced pricing information or a release date for Mega Man Universe, but here’s hoping for a new XBLA release to scratch that platforming itch sometime soon.