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Remember when Marvel vs. Capcom 2 came out during the Summer of Arcade way back in 2009? It was a game we were all clamoring for at the time since we haven’t had it on a digital service like XBLA yet. Capcom is looking to bring more from the old Vs. series with a two-pack of fighting games coming out in September.

You’ll get the original Marvel Super Heroes that came before they started getting all versus about it. That game brings a gem system using Thanos’ Infinity Gems to power-up yourself during fights. The second game in the collection is the original Marvel Vs. Capcom that sparked its two sequels afterwards. Both games will have online play, spectator mode, 8-player lobbies, HD graphical filters similar to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and will allow you to save your replays. You can watch the debut trailer above while you wait to get Venom and Mega Man on a team together. It’s coming out at an undisclosed date for 1200 MSP for the combo pack.