We’ve got lots of news about Section 8: Prejudice that should make every fan smile. First the Overdrive map pack went live today, which you can download from Xbox Live Marketplace for 320MSP. What a lot of people didn’t know the TimeGate Studios kinda just slipped in there is that from Friday at 1AM till Monday 1AM, it will be double XP time. So strap on your jet pack and get ready to drop into a experience filled weekend.

As if that wasn’t enough TimeGate also put out a patch today, this should make many fans happy as it fixes many issues. The one that every one is wondering about the most is, will this fix system lock? According to the update notes, the answer is yes! Clan members can rejoice’ as they focused on many of the server issues that have been plaguing you. Other things were focused on as well: namely gameplay, usability, matchmaking and stats. TimeGate released a new trailer as well showcasing the new map pack. Check it out after the jump.