Wizards of the Coast’s latest entry in the annualized Duels of the Planeswalkers series is expanding the multiverse with downloadable content. The aptly titled Expansion follows the now formulaic strategy carved out by previous years, bringing a little more of everything that Magic fans crave. The content drops on September 18, and while there’s no price point as of yet, expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 – the same price for last year’s expansion.

Magic 2014 Expansion includes five new playable decks which can be used to conquer the six new campaign engagements across the city-planet Ravnica and the Japanese-themed Kamigawa. Additionally, the add-on will add on more of those diabolically intricate challenges, requiring you to turn the tables and annihilate your opponent in one turn.

We found the core experience of Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers to deliver exactly what we’ve come to expect every year: an abundance of content and the perfect gateway drug to the real thing. The beefed up campaign and sealed play mode (a long-awaited first for the series) reinforce Magic‘s penchant for improvement, year over year. You can read our full impressions in the official review, or grab some spell-slinging assistance from our comprehensive guide.