Cute-looking FPS game Lovely Planet from Quicktequila and tinyBuild lands on Xbox One this Friday, January 8.

Originally released on PC back on July 31, 2015, this is a speed-centric FPS game that trades off hyper-real graphics and vivid depictions of violence for a cute and subdued children’s storybook look and enemies that shrink. The game is also available for pre-order at a 15 percent off discount ($8.49) while the pre-order period is going on. Per the Xbox Store, it looks like pre-loading will be available, and the game will be going live at 12:01 AM EST this Friday as well.

Want to see some Lovely Planet screenshots and trailers? Check out Quicktequila’s page for the game here.

Final retail price after the pre-order period is set to be $9.99.

Source: Xbox Store