Update: Rob Burman of 7Sixty confirmed that it won’t be released March 9 and currently has no release date. Keep it here for future updates on the publisher’s release plans.

Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise will release on XBLA and PSN Friday, March 9, says publisher 7Sixty. Actually, their exact words were: “man with lightning quick fists lands lightly as lotus blossom on mystical heavens market, ready to demonstrate his willingness for vengeful combat.” So, yeah, all of that stuff is happening.

Kung Fu Strike, which is being developed by Qooc Games, is said to be inspired by “ancient Chinese tales of revenge and retribution” with some elements of retro arcade games and cheesy kung fu movies tossed in for good measure. The brawler also has a versus mode and two-player co-op for gamers who consider themselves “too weak and puny” to handle their own business.

Source: 7Sixty