Game Informer‘s December 2011 issue includes a brief article about a new PC game Krater, mentioning that “plans include an eventual shift to platforms like XBLA and PSN once more elements have been finalized.” The game is being made by Swedish developers Fatshark, a name you may recognize as the creators of Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, so it’s no stretch of the imagination to think it might end up on consoles eventually. Krater takes place in a world devastated by war, where people have gathered around a crater in Sweden containing a massive military complex. You’ll lead a team down into the depths to gather up what resources are left.

Krater already sounds like a dungeon-crawling game similar to Diablo and Torchlight, but there is a twist. Any game compared to Diablo obviously has tons of loot to collect, but in Krater you’ll also be collecting team members and will be able to control three at a time. Different team members will be colored differently, signifying anything from their “epic” status to the fact that they will probably die against that cuddly swamp rat. Each teammate gets two abilities, so you’ll have six abilities at your disposal at any given time. There are a number of roles that these characters fit under, but as you can only use three at a time you’ll have to make a party that plays to your strengths.

And don’t worry, the developer has also stated that there will be co-op, so you and your friends will be able to invade the Swedish military together. Stay tuned here for more news as we get it, and perhaps a more official announcement of the game’s XBLA release.

Source: Game Informer issue #224, pg 22