Perhaps capitalizing on the ongoing popularity of rhythm games like Just Dance and Dance Central, Konami has announced Rhythm Party, scheduled to release next month exclusively for the Xbox 360. Alongside the announcement, Konami also released a trailer for the game.

Releasing exclusively for the Xbox Live Arcade, the Kinect-only title appears to be in the same vein as other popular dance games. Unlike those games, however, Konami says Rhythm Party doesn’t rely on “contrived choreography,” instead allowing players to “groove freely to their own performance” by following their onscreen silhouette, according to a news release:

…dances are rated as they coincide with performance‘ripples’ on screen, with points and bonuses awarded that bolster the player’s score. These moves then throw the player into a world of vivid color, wild backgrounds and graphical psychedelia as outlandish interactive backgrounds such as electric carnivals, wild discos and Spanish cafes complement the on-screen moves.

The trailer verifies the use of “vivid color” and “graphical psychedelia,” depicting the on-screen silhouette dancing as an astronaut, a robot made of boom boxes and next to a bear on a unicycle, among other situations. The news release also included a partial list of songs players can expect to boogie to once the game hits the marketplace , including Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” and “A Midnight Rendezvouz” by Shanice. Some of the tracks are “exclusive collaborations” made just for the game.

Fans of dancing, music games or dancing in space can nab Rhythm Party for 800 MSP when it drops Feb. 1.