Announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Kinect Fun Labs is a new Kinect feature allowing people to play various motion-controlled mini-games and activities, all for free. Every game will have achievements and some will have live support. Surprisingly, it was launched the day it was announced. You can now go to the XBL Game Marketplace and find it under the add-on section, as it is considered an add-on to the Kinect software. The download comes with two launch games. The first, Kinect Me, scans your face and clothes in order to make an avatar that looks as similar to you as possible. The other, Googly Eyes, has you place an object in front of the camera to be scanned. Then, a 3D jiggling version of the object appears on screen with, you guessed it, big googly eyes. More games will become available as time goes on, hopefully to make good use of our motion-sensing cameras.