Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 has been delayed a number of times. First it was supposedly coming last spring, then this past summer, then September. It’s currently scheduled for February 12, 2016, and Keiji Inafune now says that date is absolutely final.

Speaking at Japan’s Unreal Fest 2015, Inafune promised that his spiritual successor to Mega Man will not be delayed again. He also gave some insight into why it’s already been delayed so many times, attributing the missed release windows to the fact that Mighty No. 9 is simultaneously being developed for 8 different platforms, 10 if you count the three different PC operating systems. Performing quality assurance for that many versions of the game has proved a daunting task for the small-ish 30-man team at Comcept.

Inafune added that despite the nearly $4mm the game’s Kickstarter campaign raised to fund its creation, it needs to sell a lot of copies to be considered a success. If it does sell through whatever number it is that Inafune considers to be a lot, however, a sequel is likely.

Source: Gamespark via Destructoid