Indie developers Area Effect, founded by Ubisoft veteran Alexis Bacot, have announced that they are bringing new action-adventure RPG Izle to Xbox One. The game invites players to build their own world by summoning the power of the gods and terraforming a variety of procedurally generated islands, each one unique and filled with secrets. Of course with great power comes great responsibility and players will also need to defend their islands from the forces of shadows.

Xbox One gamers shouldn’t get excited just yet however, as Izle is still a long way off with Area Effect hoping to bring the game to the console sometime in 2016. A Kickstarter campaign to support the development of Izle will launch this spring, but as the game enters the alpha stage those curious enough can register to become part of an upcoming, closed alpha test on the official Izle website. Check out the new alpha trailer after the jump.