Florida-based indie developer Moon Spider Studio has announced that its first project is a platformer-racer-puzzle hybrid named Harold. Players will guide Harold — who looks like he was too busy getting stuffed into Usain Bolt’s locker to make it to the London Games earlier this month — through a series of platforming-based puzzles as he continually races towards the finish line at the end of every level.

Players actually take on the role of Harold’s guardian angel rather than the runner himself, and they will have to “protect” the speedster rather than moving him through the game world using more traditional platforming mechanics. The trick is to mess with environmental elements in order to open up safe passages for ‘Roldie and leaving the course so fraught with danger that opposing runners will end up too crippled to so much as eat his dust.

Harold isn’t yet confirmed for XBLA, but is confirmed to be a downloadable title coming to PC and “consoles” in spring 2013, so it would seem a near lock for the platform. The XBLA Fans team will be on-hand in Seattle this weekend to play the game when it makes its public debut at PAX Prime.