A new update for Toylogic’s free-to-play action multiplayer title Happy Wars aims to fix issues in the matchmaking process, according to a post over at PlayXBLA. This should correct problems some players have had – such as difficulty getting into a match, or issues once in a match including characters not taking damage or jumping around.

Toylogic’s fixes – which, according to PlayXBLA, were implemented in order to patch things up on the server side without a major title update – are still a work in progress, but data shows “that most people are seeing better results.” Toylogic will continue to fine-tune matchmaking in advance of the next big update, and they’re soliciting help from players in that regard. Issues and concerns can be sent to PlayXBLA so Toylogic can work on improving issues (see PlayXBLA’s post for full details, and don’t forget to check out our Happy Wars review).