Toylogic’s free-to-play multiplayer title Happy Wars – which has “sold” an impressive 1.2 million copies since its release in October – has a new title update available that tweaks matchmaking and bugs and adds a number of small updates to the game. Matchmaking has been tweaked to allow for more balanced teams and in-game lag is far less frequent. Menus have been adjusted as well, with new information displayed – dead players can now see information about the player that killed them, including their name, character image and gear, for example. In addition, new Happy Ticket types have been added and players will be notified when their inventory is running out of space and the difficulty has been lowered in three levels: 4-2 (War of the Worlds), 5-2 (Stop the Zombies!) and 6-2 (Final Battle).

These are just a few of the many adjustments made with the new update. The full list –which is fairly sizable – is available courtesy of our friends at PlayXBLA.